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Chicken Maker
November 15, 2015

Cool Glasses - Promo Card

This tough guy has established his place in the city by leaving a twisting trail of destruction and salvation. Also check out those little guys fighting in the background.

This one is obviously inspired by Shades McCoolguy, who my old fans found exciting and I assume most of you have never seen or heard of. He had a brown jacket so I had to change the color of the border.


  1. I remember Shades! He is excellent. This new guy looks a bit like a kid who is trying to be Shades and sort of halfway succeeding.

    ...I am also the person who offered to write a story about Gritty Sharpness all those many years ago. I am still planning to do that. I am debating how long to make it. I am sorry that I am tectonic in velocity.

    1. Well, yeah. He's obviously more of a young gun who hasn't been put to the test and lived a hard boiled life yet.