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Chicken Maker
February 27, 2022

Meet Eyes


The identity of the strange lines that appeared on the old monitor were well known. The devil of the screen had appeared countless times throughout history. Things like it's resolution or medium changes over the centuries, but whatever it was it was hard to avoid meeting its clear red eyes.

Why is this depiction of the devil a bird though? A mystery we may never know the full truth of, but the people of Mexico tell many secrets of Pollo Diablo.

The slightly misaligned scan lines give this piece an unfocused look, drawing your gaze to the only clear portion, the eyes.

February 21, 2022

Refuse to Fade


One must refuse to fade away and always strive to be even bolder and more defined than before! This is the path to a glorious success. Leave the dull dark past behind and look at a bright future.

February 16, 2022

Prepare! Hero!

Well you need the transformed version too. I wasn't really sure if this was going Sailor Moon, or Power Ranger. I think we more or less landed on Penelope Pitstop instead, but that's fine.
February 14, 2022


 An exciting transforming hero just needs a colorful trinket somewhere. Being alerted to the danger there is only a moment to prepare!

February 13, 2022


Napping can feel like a waste of time, but it's so easy to fall asleep under the warm light of the sun. Even better if you wake up under it too.

It's snowing outside, but it's still warm inside.
February 10, 2022


Dirt, the first frontier. The bird looks over the land, unsure that the very tiny shovel will be better than it's natural tool, the humble foot, which can reliably be used to dig a shallow hole to sit in. It isn't just justifying it because it can't quite work a shovel with its lack of hands.

February 06, 2022


 This is an example of jumping, a thing that the inferior bird called a chicken does because it cannot fly.

February 02, 2022

Gray Fowl Movement

This piece is a bit more anthropomorphic than I tend to like, but here is a gray fowl training in his fighting skills. I'm not sure if these bright striking lines are meant to be inspiration or implied motion? I should have a firmer concept for what these decorative elements are but I just thought they had a stylish aesthetic.
February 01, 2022

Pink Glow

A shadow surrounded by a glow. The figure within the clear glow still shows black. Once the mundane bird was a simple farm animal, destined for a delicious ending, but it crossed an unknown path and make an unknown deal. Vanished from the fields the bird exists only... in the shadows.