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Chicken Maker
March 30, 2020

March 2020 Wallpaper - Flow

This month we have a vertical wallpaper, because I wanted a new phone background. The shining pink light coils and flows around our pair of inverted birds.

The site title is a bit less styled than usual this month,as I felt it threw off the balance if it wasn't on both the top and bottom. I considered putting it in both places, but the upside down one was even more distracting.

As always these wallpapers are brought to you by my supporters on Patreon, where you can download the full size version.
March 24, 2020


It's Spring so you should try to get out and enjoy the fresh nature.

I mean it's still cold where I am and people are locked down and what have you.

Regardless of all that it's still Spring as of a couple days ago.
March 23, 2020

Laser Standee

I bought a cheap laser cutter because it was neat with no actual plan. Naturally this means my I'm doing something Chicken Maker related with it. These came out really nice honestly.

Because it's neat it's also this month's video.

Here's the pattern that I was cutting out.

March 17, 2020

11 Years of Chicken Maker

As we reach the end of our 11th year I'm still having fun with this. The Patreon is really stepping up, far surpassing my wildest expectations of maybe $5 eventually. Looking forward to year 12, but let's look back first.

I'm kind of losing interest in this several pieces, but in green, gimmick I use every year. I don't have a better one to go with though. I suppose I could just drop it, like I dropped drawing many chickens for my 100th post and the like. Anyways, happy St. Patrick's Day!

First off, I thought I should have a wallpaper, since making these monthly is something I started this past year. Since they're elaborate that seemed like it might be too much, but luckily I had this one that already has so many variants, and adding a green one was no trouble at all.

Layered Simplicity
Rain of Sorrow
Going from dramatic sorrow
Killing Blow
To abstract violence
Then back to the cute and fluffy
Sand Serpent
This has gone from desert to... aquarium?
Vampire (Sticker)
I feel good about the recent Sticker series.

March 15, 2020

Going Along

Going along is what it's all about, so make sure you keep going along or things won't be going along.

Can't argue with that, now can you?
March 14, 2020

Ninja 2

This is a ninja. It's not the first one I've drawn and it won't be the last. In relation to other ninja-based pieces of the past it's most similar to this one. His poor wing must be some uncomfortable in that outfit though...
March 07, 2020


And here we have last month's video. I had no plan when I made this last month and it took me a week to do silly things like record the audio track. Sorry it took so long.

Despite me getting the impression of the Morton's Salt girl this has nothing in common with it besides being yellow and having an umbrella. I guess this is the same pose?

March 04, 2020

Purple Scarf

This stylish bird is clad in a stunning purple scarf, ready to take on the world and mild winters. It will need a hat and maybe some boots if he wants to get by anything worse,
March 02, 2020


I've abandoned everything I know in order to rebuild from the ground. It went poorly so I'll have to return to everything I know and give up on finding another path... No, I'm just kidding. This is a wild REMIX! Lots of lightning, broken records and jump cuts are all you really need.

For an actual remix I suppose you just really need an original though.