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Chicken Maker
March 17, 2020

11 Years of Chicken Maker

As we reach the end of our 11th year I'm still having fun with this. The Patreon is really stepping up, far surpassing my wildest expectations of maybe $5 eventually. Looking forward to year 12, but let's look back first.

I'm kind of losing interest in this several pieces, but in green, gimmick I use every year. I don't have a better one to go with though. I suppose I could just drop it, like I dropped drawing many chickens for my 100th post and the like. Anyways, happy St. Patrick's Day!

First off, I thought I should have a wallpaper, since making these monthly is something I started this past year. Since they're elaborate that seemed like it might be too much, but luckily I had this one that already has so many variants, and adding a green one was no trouble at all.

Layered Simplicity
Rain of Sorrow
Going from dramatic sorrow
Killing Blow
To abstract violence
Then back to the cute and fluffy
Sand Serpent
This has gone from desert to... aquarium?
Vampire (Sticker)
I feel good about the recent Sticker series.

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