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Chicken Maker
December 31, 2023

Somber – December 2023 Wallpaper

The holidays are over, so for this month's wallpaper we're going with a more esoteric mood.

I always appreciate you guys leaving a comment, liking on social media, sending me emails, however you like to interact. Thanks for your support over the past year. Let's look forward to the next one!
December 29, 2023


Just remember. You might not be winning, but he is. This chicken doesn't even know what to do with a gold medal.

December 25, 2023

Traditional Christmas End (2023)

And now we've reached the end of this festive day. Join me as the traditional Christmas Fowl soars through the red sky of dusk on his golden star, leaving the green light of Spring in his wake.

And with that we close out this Christmas in the most traditional of manners.


I was dreaming of a white Christmas. It snowed earlier this week, but it's just wet now. At least in this picture it's a picturesque winter wonderland though.

The Tree

 This festive day starts from the tree. Look up upon its glory, and feel the spirit of the season overtake you.

December 24, 2023


Some people say the season for baseball is summer. They are correct.

Now knock out a homerun in your life!

December 21, 2023


Gold necklace. Gold glasses. I was going to go gold watch, but there's no wrists on a birds.

December 19, 2023

Rainbow Trail

The path one walks is only shown by the myriad colors of potential and possibilities...

Or something like that.
December 18, 2023

Sunset Silhouette

Enjoy things even as the details are hidden by the golden light of sunset.

December 14, 2023


I know we've been a bit slow this month, but everything is alright. Just finishing up my end of the year work.

This one has some nice angles.

December 10, 2023



When the stakes are high and it's all laid out on the table will you charge into danger or run away from it?

The pan is sizzling and the eggs are cracked. Are you charging?

December 05, 2023


Don't give up samurai! Your gritty de-saturated journey to overthrow the shogunate, save your love, and restore your fallen family's honor is still ahead of us.

Chicken with a funny hat is my favorite content.