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Chicken Maker
December 09, 2021

Deep Holler (Remake)

Here we have a rare remake for one of my older pieces, titled Deep Holler. The changes are mostly just correcting proportions, cleaner linework and adjusting the framing. The microphone was an addition from the requestor, but it gives a bit more depth to the whole image. The soundwave/spiral  has a slightly warped/stretched quality, which I think gives it more impact compared to the precise ones in the original. Anyways, like I said on the original, it's not that deep.

I would often like to circle back since I think I've improved a lot over the years, but it's hard to know what a good thing to remake it since looking back on the site is just a combination of nostalgia and grimacing at my older pieces. I didn't have to think for this one though because this was a special request from one of my Patreon supporters. Thank you to Michael for the request.

It wasn't exactly part of the remake request, more just a step in the process, but I have a version with the elements in separate colors which I like the look of.