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Chicken Maker
February 12, 2011

Well, I've been thinking about it for a while, and I wanted a real web address(as opposed to the current BlogSpot sub-domain) and while my first choice was that has been under the control of a string of strange and sorta awesome websites. From "Cherry Delite" to "Capn Jeff's Potato Salad" to it's current form, the "Michigan Dairy News Bureau"

And while I'd love to be the next site in that string of sites I've missed the shot when it became available, so I settled for my alternate choice. We're gonna be a dotNet. Yes indeed. Now we're like a legitimate website. Maybe I should drop the CamelCase?

Well, at any rate I've claimed a spot of the interweb! Yeah, I said interweb. It's time for a celebration I say. Celebration! Shame I didn't line this up with something like my 500th post,(481st!) but well, I wanted to do it now. Actually I wanted to do it a while ago, but I held off. It's just not happening though. It makes me happy to do this sort of thing. Well worth my ten dollars.

Oh yeah. The internet said it may take up to three days before the address works for everyone. Links on the site will be updated shortly thereafter.