Saturday, October 22, 2016

Facing Fire

A dramatic pose in the face of fire. What more could you possibly need? Took me a few tries to get that wing just right. Ah, this pic is a bit higher resolution than usual so click for the full sized version.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Fledgling Lordling

In this piece I chose to focus on strong shading. Then since I had a nice horizon I added a castle, then I figured the chicken may as well be a lord or a princess or something and gave him a medallion. These are offhand side details to the decisive shading though.

I'm still playing with video things. That's the main reason this exists. As per my last post I mean I could have tested the recording software by doing literally anything, but I figured I may as well draw a chicken while I was doing that.

Only a Test

This is only a test of my new Blogger to Tumblr re-post thing. I mean it's also actually a decent chicken. The low-high quality transition and all that. Or maybe it's in progress to complete? My in progress definitely doesn't look like that though. Wouldn't want my tests to be dull after all.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Stained Squares

I started working on this piece with this simple string of words.

"Hmm, let's do something specific now. Maybe a Robot. Yeah that's good. No wait, never mind. I think I'm going to do this now and be pseudo-artsy"

Those ones on the left are meant to be adorable chicks but it's a bit of a trick to discern that, so my apologies.

Loving Mother

D'aww. A loving mother on her motley nest. Such serene eyes. A pleasant pink comb, though I don't care for the shape.

Cool Shades

A bad boy is a must have. And it's about time I remake Shades McCoolguy some time. All good franchises need a failed reboot at some point so it's probably coming. Anyways this isn't that.


I started my failed video with this bog standard chicken. As I recall I mentioned such things as the fact that chickens don't actually have green or blue eyes, as I generally portray on this website. They tend to a Yellow-Orange-Brown spectrum.

Green Feather

Chicken Maker.
You have failed this website.

So, I went hard and made 5 things while recording my screen and blindly rambling. Unfortunately this ended with me getting a corrupted file so that was no good. So, 5 posts today  to make up for the slow start for the month.

Thursday, September 29, 2016


So many things happen each and every day. New things are born. Old things fade away. Struggles and challenges are faced by countless things. Most of these will never enter your site.

This is my excuse for not posting anything lately. Are you buying it?

Friday, September 23, 2016

HD Backgound September 2016: Let's All Chicken Maker .Net

Everyone! Let's all Chicken Maker!

In this month's piece I have opted to utilize the generally underused Layer Style of chicken. A style that was meant to imitate a comic that had a style entirely unlike this one. Regardless there are a few of complex patterns that are completely unnoticeable since there is so little of that layer left in the image, mostly the spiraling star pattern that formed the green on the Let's All Chicken Maker text. I originally had that extent to the eye, but it ended up being solid so I did a different one there.