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Chicken Maker
February 25, 2011


I've always been pro-hat. Hats are cool and an easy way to add individuality to a more-or-less uniformed group. So I decided o draw a chickn with a blue hat and shaded eyes. Honestly this picture is average at best and if I still bothered to maintain a set of back of pictures this would probably be in it, but I'm feeling a lot of posts in the next while so you're getting it and whatever else shows up tonight. Anyways what do you call that sorta flat-topped hat. For some reason Grenadier's Cap is what comes to mind but I'm not sure that's right.

1 comment:

  1. It's amazing that even after so many chickens, one with a hat hasn't come 'round before. It's nice and simple, with good strong colours. The shadow seems a bit off, though.