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Chicken Maker
April 01, 2013

April Fools: Final Post

Well, we ran for a little more than 4 years and that's pretty good for a little site like this. We didn't really make it big but... Well I've had a pretty cool set of followers. I'm too busy to make stuff for this site anymore and I always complain when sites shut down without saying anything so this will be my saying something.

This is our Final Post. Goodbye. The domain will stay up for a long while since it's renewed yearly. After that I suppose the site will still be on blogspot.  I hope you'll occasionally get nostalgic and come visit or something.

EDIT: Of course this is nothing but an April Fools Joke, though at this point I kind of feel like when we do inevitably close I might just do it on April Fools so I can claim I was lying if I regret it.


  1. It's been fun...thanks for the many fowl.

  2. APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!

    oh let it be april fools


  3. This is an April Fools joke. It can, must, will be one. I will look forward to your next post, Kaloo.

  4. Don't worry guys. My life's not so wild that I'll run out of time for this soon.