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Chicken Maker
May 08, 2013

Cool Tommy

This is our best buddy, Cool Tommy. He's not called that for any particular reason. This was a completely arbitrary name choice and plot. He's not really our best buddy at all.


  1. Ooh, no outlines. Looks like it's made of construction paper that way.

    I promised a chicken, but I never said it was going to be a very GOOD one. I've only drawn two in my life. So go easy on me.(Tommy's lookin' good, by the way.)

  3. A few of my hens want to start modeling. Do you use models? Do you accept un-agented chicken models? Do you draw chickens of all colors?

  4. Appreciate the compliment Anon.

    Cool Beans TM

    If you give me a picture of a chicken I'll be happy to draw it Callista.