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Chicken Maker
May 20, 2013


Well a few days ago I did an archive binge and I found that something I made isn't on this site. Well, that's hardly any fun.

A priest twisted by his dark desires and the force that he contracted to gain them. His body was forfeit from the start. As soon as he made the choice he had lost his right to remain a normal chicken. He was a cluckthuloid now, twisted by Cluckthulu's unworldly influence.

Cluckthulu obviously being a chicken version of Cthulhu  though really he's more of a Yog Soggoth than a Cthulhu but that's not nearly as popular and recognizably a thing. He definitely won't be taken out by a boat or any of that nonsense. Well this guy might be though. He's not boat proof at all.


  1. Have you done an army chicken? With guns, but also maybe patriotism? You can make up a country.

    1. I'm sorry, that was non sequitur. I was just trying to imagine a boat-proof chicken, you see.

    2. Don't worry about rambling too much. It's at least a third of this site.