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Chicken Maker
February 09, 2023

Cuppa Ko-Fi

Hey everyone. We have a second platform set up if you want to support and my arbitrary request that you give me a dollar. You can now support me on Ko-fi at

Their belief that they're a tip jar aligns more closely with how I use the service and it provides a straight forward one-time donation rather than exclusively following the subscription model. At some point I might use some of the other features, but not right now.

If I was smart I'd have made this a preview for an exclusive post, rudely covered up by the cup to incentivize people to give me a dollar, but I'm a fool and this is actually just the whole thing. 

If you're already on Patreon the two sites will get the same monthly exclusive posts and Wallpaper WIPs going forward. Change forthcoming for how supporters are displayed on the site but for now it will probably just be a removal of the word "Patreon"

Also repurposing the previously removed tumblr social chicken as Kofi.

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