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Chicken Maker
March 17, 2022

13 Years of Chicken Maker

Today marks the end of our lucky 13th year of content. Going back through this year's pieces I thought a lot of them were older than they are. The site might be stagnated a bit so we should probably start an exciting new project soon, like a coffee table book or something. 

Comment on this, let me know if you have a cool idea or a favorite on here or just want to say it's neat. On the blog, on the Facebook, on the Twitter.

Below we have our annual best-of the year green variants. (Happy St. Patrick's Day) As a bonus I have Bird ala Gameboy, a smaller pixel piece using the already green classic Gameboy palette, which I'm always fond of.

Strong Stance is a bit generic
I never did anything with this Simple Monocolor Character
There's no Question
Doing Pixel Dailies for a month was a fun activity
The Bat is the highpoint in this classic-feeling piece
This is undeniably Iconic
Deep Holler Remake was a special request from a Patreon supporter
Barbarian (sticker) is part of a series that's actually almost done now 
This one is about Dirt. No more messaging

1 comment:

  1. That Gameboy chicken is the tops. But the questioning bat is a longtime favorite of mine.