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Chicken Maker
September 19, 2012

Character Sheet

I realized today that I haven't posted anything about Chicken Heroics since the end of July, the month I shared its existence with you all. I didn't stop working on it though. It's still going through the development process quite well. I just hadn't wanted to bog down my site with it, though I actually waste quite a bit of time on it.

This is the character sheet for my game. You know, a character sheet actually reveals a lot about a game. For example the fact that the game has Gold, though I guess I just wrote the letter G. You could have assumed that stood for anything.  Also the number of item slots being fixed is on purpose. You can only carry 10 things at a time. I don't like the book-keeping of weights and what have you that some RPG inventories require, and most players ignore, but I also don't like carrying everything and the kitchen sink so a fixed number of item slots seemed good to me.

Also I assume you can doodle, which might be rude, but look. It's not like the portrait has to be some sort of high class piece of fine art. Just needs to send the basic idea of what your guy looks like. I mean the two silhouettes on the sheet are already there to give you an impression of it being about chickens.

Anyways this went through several revisions already, and will probably go through at least a couple more.


  1. cool character sheet, :D

  2. This is interesting and funny. I would really like to try playing this game, going to be fun I think :) Thank you for your work, you are a very creative person :)