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Chicken Maker
August 30, 2011

Two Today

Today I decided to post some of my works in old media, as opposed to my usual digital works. First up is a fine green chicken made of clay. I actually made this quite a while ago out of a few clumps of clay I had laying around. For some reason it just never made it up here until now.
Yes, that is a chess board

This guy totally plays chess.

And second I have a cool chicken on a chalk board. The chalk chicken has a nice feel I think. And I made it using just orange chalk because... Well, I thought it would be fun. Honestly I've made a number of chalk chickens but you guy don't get to see most of those. Anyways I'm mainly posting this because I wanted to erase my chalk board so I could do something else on it and I thought it would be a shame to lose this one.
That's some high class art right there.

Create a chicken in a medium you've never used before, be it physical (like yarn tied around thumbtacks) or software (like an HTML table with different coloured cells) or whatever.  
CHALLENGE COMPLETE!  (How did it take me so long to do this?)