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Chicken Maker
August 22, 2011

Striped Tie Detective

The Striped Tie Detective has forgotten something. He failed to connect some vital clue, leaving him unsure of who the culprit should be.  He has too many theories, but he knows that in the end it all falls on one man, because there can be only one truth. Suddenly the revelations all connect together. He knows that it was his partner. He'd wanted to ignore the kid. He didn't want to admit that his friend had had anything to do with it. Now, he must solemnly do his duty.


  1. He was laden with guilt after he realized, he had accused the wrong man. One piece of evidence had shown up after all the chaos slowed down. It wasn't his partner, it was his greatest enemy all along.

  2. But then he discovered, upon further investigation and to his great dismay, that his partner was in fact his greatest enemy all along. Perhaps he should have noticed the similarities between his partner, Plaid Tie Detective, and his nemesis, the evil Dr. Plaid Tie, before now.