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Chicken Maker
September 21, 2011


My latest project idea is PsiChi, Psychic Chicken. Now At first I just started with psychic Chicken, but then I was like, "No wait. Needs some random Greek letters." So I just took the ones that would fill in the beginnings of the two words. Then I scribbled them down and wrote the rest of the word and it became Ψchic Χken. Then I looked at it. I ignored the Greek letters and it still said chicken. So I had no choice but to accept that this was the right choice. (Also you could read it "ΨΧ chicken," though that would be dropping a "k" sound)

It'll be a while before anything really comes of it. Right now the idea's a series of short flash games, but we'll see what it ends up as. I just thought I should share. The chicken may receive a redesign, but I rather like him. Maybe he'll pick up some more accessories or the like.


  1. Doesn't really look MSPaint'd.

  2. Makes sense since I made it with Flash.

  3. will the psi chi read my future? i want to know if i will will ever be psychic