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Chicken Maker
March 17, 2017

8th Anniversary

It's been a long time since I started this website. And now I'm proud to say we're on our 8th anniversary. I don't think any of my dear guests have been with me that long, but I'm always glad to hear from you so drop a comment on the site, Tumblr, Twitter, whatever.

Now, as is our Anniversary/St. Patrick's Day tradition here are some of my favorite chickens of the year... but green.
Son of Rooster Mask
I was a bit reluctant in coloring more than his costume. It looked pretty slick with just the green version of that.
Stealth Shark
Stealth Ace really came back in a big way this year so I had to include one of him. I hope you're looking forward to more of his acing stealth because I intend to make more of it.
Dark Focus
This Green Focus seems less evil and more... alien energy being. That's probably because the greens lend themselves to a glowing style. Also I opted to keep them all on the lighter end of the lime green spectrum. Still fun.


  1. You're amazing! Happy 8th anniversary and happy saint patrick's day!

  2. Happy anniversary! Thanks for the tens of thousands of chickens!

  3. Happy anniversary! I don't remember when I first found you - it wasn't 8 years ago but it might have been 4, 5, or 6 - quite a while! I very much appreciate your work.