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Chicken Maker
May 15, 2011

The Beak 001-003

The Beak is a great force for good 
who walks the path of light in a bloodstained world.

The Fowl Beasts are both his greatest threat and his guise
Okay, here's another project I've decided to start. I'm not sure if this first part is metaphorical or if he is literally walking on a path through blood. I'm pretty sure it's a metaphor I'm using to quickly introduce the hero and his attitudes, because I'm not totally sure how I'd develop a plot line in the former and it's kind of annoying to draw the red on the sides. Though maybe he'll walk into a different sort of world. Actually, yeah. Okay. This isn't a metaphor. Everything is literal.


  1. Oooh interesting! I'm intrigued :)

  2. Viewing this random chicken from the archives... still FRESH.