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Chicken Maker
May 09, 2011

Looking Fowl: Eye of the Blind

There was a chicken with a Looking Eye, the Eye of The Blind. Colloquially it was known as the Dark Sight to many. To see in the dark was a strange thing. To those using it it was as if everything was glowing green. At least everything the chicken looked at did. When you met its eyes you saw through them, and you saw the light. Useful in the mines, though most people just stuck with nice sensible light sources, like a lantern.

Most of those who used The Eye of the Blind were like the man who had this bird by the neck. He had been in the market during the day, and he knew where the merchant kept this one. And now he was about to succeed in his goal. Well, it wasn't his real goal. Stealing the bird was just helpful. Sure, it took a hand to hold the bird, but compared to a flame it was practically invisible. Well, assuming it didn't make a bunch of noise.

The thief lifted the bird from the cage. It was surprisingly calm. Probably the thing had been trained like that. It was freaking out a bit though. The thief dropped the bird into his hand. He hadn't really thought it through. Maybe if he had some sort of cage... Holding the bird was awkward.

Looking around he didn't see anything he wanted to store the bird in. He looked at it again. Seeing like this was disorienting. He had to work out how to do this. It was damn near impossible to work accurately. He was seeing second-hand.

The next night he stole again, and no one saw any lights. No one saw him. The door was open in the morning, and the gold was missing from the vault. Even those who knew the thief didn't see him the next day. He was as gone as he could be. Certainly nowhere near that town.

The thief lived like a king and the chicken sat in a gilded cage. Well, you couldn't really say it was gilded. It was solid gold, not just some cheap plating. That actually made it rather weak as a cage, but the chicken didn't seem to mind so long as the thief kept it well fed.