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Chicken Maker
May 27, 2011


Well, I took a week off without planning to. Let me stop that before it becomes a month off, then sporadic updates, then dead site.

After all this site is tough as nails and will survive.
This chicken was the result of me trying to put in some solid effort so that I could make something worth putting on the site. He's been hit and cut but he's still there. He'll always Survive.

Artistically this chicken is an imitation of 3-D cel-shading on a colored 2-D form, which gives the image a distinct impression of depth and dimension. The slightly unbalanced angle combines with the pose of the subject gives a more realistic feeling to the image.


  1. This is my favorite chicken you have ever produced....EVER.

  2. Chicken Maker has always been about quantity over quality. Every day one or more chickens in various situations and attires. However! Turn the tables, and given a week Kaloo creates the most awesome Chick I've ever seen! Really this one's got [i]class[/i]. Look at those piercing eyes, the majestic beak, aristocratic waddle and mighty mane!

  3. Wow, really nice chicken! It's so....serious! :D

  4. This is outstanding. Absolutely chickenly awesometastic!!