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Chicken Maker
April 26, 2010

Charts that Flow

When it comes right down to this I think I'd have to say this site can be broken down to some numbers. It's like 50% Burning Passion. 13% Art. 12% Luck. And 20% Fun. . . Oh and Like 5% all about the massive wads of nonexistent cash I'm making with this site.

Also I'm entirely aware that that's a Pie Graph not a flow Chart...

Chicken?-----------(No)-------> You aren't here.
MS Paint?----(No)---->Illustrated?----(No)--->You are not here
|(Yes)                                   |(Yes)
V                                         V
You are at this site <--(Yes)--Commentary? -(No)->You are not here

That's a flow chart.

Took me a few tries to get the flow chart right.

1 comment:

  1. Bravo on the flow chart! They are a b*tch to make even when you're in MSWord or some similar program designed for them.