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Chicken Maker
April 24, 2010


In celebration of having more than 50 followes I have drawn a rather massive picture of myself as a chicken with a crown and evil smirk being followed by 50 chickens. Now I realize I have more than 50(You guys are great by the way) but There's no way I'm adding more to this one. Recoloring those 5 10 times was enough.

And special thanks to Melanie for being number 50. (Also your blog looks fun. I'll be checking it out later)

Also this pic is extra thumb-nailed so click it to see the big old version


  1. That ought to be a wall poster!

  2. Hahahaha you're awesome! Your blog keeps me giggly :) I'm now your newest follower!

  3. Holy crap, that's me! I feel like a special winner.

    Your chickens are excellent.