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Chicken Maker
April 26, 2010

A Lady

This is a lady chicken. You can tell because of the eye mostly, though the gently curves help define its femininity of course. I picked pretty colors and used faded red(okay, pink) for the waddle and comb since it's been a while since I made a chicken that didn't seem masculine. She doesn't really seem all that intense I suppose.


  1. Love your chickens!

    And ... um ... it's "wattle." Waddle is what penguins do to get to that tasty fish on the other side of the ice floe.

    Shelley, servant to 8 rescue chickens. Who like fish, too.

  2. Is it just me, or is her brown plumage a more luminous shade of brown than what you usually use?

  3. It is indeed a more luminous shade.

    And um... woops. Thanks for correcting my word-use. I've been misusing that one since I started so... I'll have to make something actually waddling now and say he's wattling to make up for it

  4. Ooh! A wattling penguin! Must see!

  5. Oh my god. You can totally tell that's a she-chicken.

  6. That is a beautiful chicken. And please say why we need to vote for numbers?

    PS: If it's for the number of chickens you post in a day, I voted 16. :)