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Chicken Maker
March 31, 2011


Well, I was chit chattering with a buddy today and we discussed how he's still having some trouble with new MS Paint. So, after faiing to get old MS Paint to work on his computer I recommended mtPaint. He decided against it, but I went, "You know. I haven't used that in quite a while." So I used it. Then I fiddled with it's fancy gradient tool and this is what I got. I'm a bit disappointed I couldn't get the gradient to semi-transparently sit on top of the whole image of course. (Especially sine that's what the preview does) You know. when I play with fancy things I wanna do fancy things. Oh yes. This is the best sorta gradient by the way. The two color sort. I could do it by hand if I weren't a tad lazy. Well, I've done the other sort by hand too. It's easier actually But more like busy work.

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