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Chicken Maker
March 17, 2011

500 Posts! 200 Followers! 2nd Anniversary!

So, I applied a number of things to this image. I used layers to make the green text look more interesting. Plus I made chickens in four different styles though really the fourth and first are more or less both just my standard method, with #4 being a bit more hot blooded. I decided against going over the top this time though, you know? Four is enough. Oh, is it at all clear that the planet looping round the sun means year? I had a really hard time thinking up a picture meaning year. Better than using the word though.

I admit... I delayed some stuff so this would line up right.(Next HERO will be out very soon by the way) And for some reason my followers, which had been at 197 for quite a while, spiked up past 200(Ms. Hanaburg) early in the week. I wanted to say something but I decided to hold off so I could make one post for all of it. It's much more exciting this way after all. Oh... I'm kind of excitable and it's already today so... I'll just post it now.

So once more. This is a celebration. I managed to make 500 posts over the course of two years and raked in more than 200 followers. Where will this site bring me next year? Keep following me and you'll find out!

Oh yes. Happy St. Patrick's Day. That is the site anniversary after all. Makes it easy to remember. I figure I ought to green up one of my favorite chickens from the past year to celebrate since that was what I did last year.


  1. I follow you yet I'm not one of your "followers"... I don't count :'(

    Nah, just kidding. Congratulations! To another year full of chickens <:)

  2. haha, congrats. it's always fun to track that kind of stuff and see how it grows.