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Chicken Maker
March 22, 2011

Struck Grit

I'd like to start my apologizing. I've received a number of fan pieces lately(Three!) and haven't posted anything of my own creation on the site. But don't worry. I have one today(And will give you that last fan piece probably tomorrow)

The blue eyed fellow in the upper class business tycoon who hired the tough, down to earth green eyed bloke. Of course over the course of their quest they both had to become stronger, hence the grittiness. But still their personalities clashed at every turn, with the tycoon refusing to accept the bloke's hard earned know-how.


  1. Stylish! I like the shadowing.

  2. Pretty cool, like post above me said your shadowing is great!

  3. I'm really feelin' the dramatic background color, it's the the lightning bolt shows their differences, but the color behind each chicken is matching the other's eyes. I can feel the symbolism!

  4. I like this. I love the glasses, that chicken is only second best to the young rocker