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Chicken Maker
March 30, 2011


This is what you would call a D-I-Y Giraffe costume. Hand crafted by the finest swiss costume-makers. Because those aren't contradictory in the slightest.

Anyways The chicken tied a rather lengthy piece of cardboard tubing to his head, likely from some sort of wrapping paper or the such, then, using scissors and glue, attached a smaller tube, possible toilet paper, to the front. Then it all got spray painted yellow, and the swiss Sharpie-ed on the eyes. From there he draped himself in yellow cloth, with two hanging bits in the front with blocks on the ends to serve as the forelegs. And like that Badda-bing bada boom. CHALLENGE COMPLETE!


  1. Wow, that's amazing! Love it! Thanks!

  2. Hahahaha superb! Badda-bing bada boom :D

  3. Ahh.. this is a great one! Nothing to see here, just your standard giraffe...

  4. Well... if this isn't brilliant, I don't know what is! :D Bravo!