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Chicken Maker
March 20, 2011


Yeah. Another guest chicken. This one from MozerSmozer who sill needs a website so I have something to link to. Also you're just getting a chat log.

9:40 PM - MozerSmozer:
9:41 PM - Kaloo: What did you do boy...
9:41 PM - MozerSmozer: ees Scout Chicken
9:41 PM - Kaloo: Why didn't you disable the antialiasing?
9:42 PM - MozerSmozer: wait what?
9:42 PM - MozerSmozer: I did no such thing
9:42 PM - Kaloo: So you claim you did disable it?
9:42 PM - MozerSmozer: new MS Paint just sucks
9:42 PM - Kaloo: Yeah, you gotta disable the antialiasing
9:43 PM - Kaloo: But I'll take the simple fact of new MS paint suck into account while I mock your absurd lack of wattle
9:44 PM - MozerSmozer: I'm not a wattle man I guess
9:44 PM - MozerSmozer: didn't do it on the other on etheir
9:45 PM - Kaloo: that's true enough.

So yeah. Team Fortress 2

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