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Chicken Maker
April 18, 2011

Chicken Cannon... FIRE!

He took a deep breath. He'd been training for years and today was the day he finally had to put it to the test. The Chicken had decided to fly, but he was a man of science. So, having carefully calculated the forces needed he loaded himself into the cannon. His most trusted aide had been scared. He'd wanted the chicken with a dream to give up...

But in the end the aide followed through on his part. He lit the cannon and ran. As the wick burned down everyone was scared. They didn't have any faith in hi mad plan. Then the cannon fired. The mass of smoke bursted out. Then from within the smoke the chicken came forth. He went soaring into the air. Great success.


  1. Trust those chickens that have a dream!

  2. u seriously have a problem but are still the awesomest person in the world wow.

  3. He's an inspiration. Fly little chicken!! Fly!!

  4. tuxpaint! i know that!

  5. I hope his calculations'd didn't go wrong because of a mistimed errant fart right at the moment of launch!