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Chicken Maker
April 03, 2011


I made a chickenpilar, which is a cross between a chicken and a caterpillar. I meant to do my Centipede-chicken challenge but then I realized that I had done a caterpillar instead. Honestly though. I'm just not sure if I'll every get around to doing the other now. After this one that one will just seem too similar... Anyways I have a story to go with this one. Well, not a story per say... but let's tell it anyways, shall we?

The chickenpillar is a mighty beast. Born, much like a basilisk, of a butterfly egg hatched by a chicken. The winged beast is outcast from both species. Using it's limited gliding skills and sharp beak it is able to become dominant over the other caterpillars, but it will never form a cocoon and as such never compare to the advanced butterfly forms. Meanwhile any old chicken might just gobble him up.