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Chicken Maker
April 28, 2011

An Abomination

is an abomination. It was born a chicken lost that when it saw reality naked. Without the filters that everyone hid behind lots what had been before. s understanding couldn't be held by a mere chicken so became .

Even as disgusts you you see only a fragment of what really is. stands as a thing much like what had seen before was .


  1. Cthulhu chicken? With a strange hat :)

    I like how the narration is also... unusual. It fits.

  2. It looks a bit ashamed of itself

  3. Uh... Woops. All my names vanished. I actually kind of like the fact that every time I refer to it nothing shows up though...

  4. Cryptic and disheveled as opposed to clear and concise. This is an unusual take on your standard style. Very nice, but what can one expect from...THE MASTA? :D