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Chicken Maker
January 09, 2010


Okay. Today I was totally stumped then I read this fine posting.

 And thus this chicken was born. A mild mannered chicken with fake glasses. You can tell that they don't have glass in them because nothing is distorted and I didn't have any light reflecting off of them. I love the quick gimmicky light reflecting off of glasses effects.

You know that guy offered linkback for postings of his blog between Sunday and Wednesday. Shame I don't have any ideas or I would hold off since like all people on the blogosphere I like attention. On that note I noticed yesterday that he gave me a reward like a month ago. It's strange because I wouldn't have thought I'd miss a comment.('snot like I get flooded with 'em)


  1. ...but...there must be something in the left lens (chicken's left, our right)? Because it's occluding the beak-face boundary line.

  2. drat! You're right. What a childish mistake, like a 7 legged spider.

  3. I thought it was a cunningly realistic depiction of a chicken wearing one-lensed glasses!