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Chicken Maker
January 17, 2010

Dual Chicken - Part 4: Finale

Okay, and here we are after one forever I've finally decided to bring the final part of Dual Chicken. Well, it isn't actually the last part. There's going to be a very short epilogue. But I remembered why I didn't like doing these. It had nothing to do with doing them. It's the uploading more than 5 images at a time, which it seems to decide the order of at random forcing me to rearrange them until they actually work right.

Boring Part
AFEM Report: Investigation Division's Detective R. Martin on "Dual Chicken Final Report"
That Chicken's in the Plant. They're planning to run a clean sweep. There's a lot of people in there, not to mention all those monsters. I'm going to try to stop them but... Well, this is my last report. I don't know if I can stop them from triggering the part of these they insist on retracting, but I'm at least going to try to stop the drones. See You.


  1. What the hell!!!!! This is EPIC!

    I want to play the video game adapted from the big budget blockbuster film of this, while submitting a spec sample draft of the novelization to the rights holders!

    Holy chicken whiskers, that bird means aggro-business.

  2. Man, I went back and read the whole thing, it is more cinematic and more game-etic than I'd even at first glance supposed!

    Nice work, Chicken Maker!

    I really, really wish there could be a video game with just this concept, and just these graphics.


  3. This is a really good series.