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Chicken Maker
January 24, 2010

Dull to Illusion

Most people spend their lives behind in an illusion that they are interesting by hiding their dull existences behind the few interesting things they find. This chicken, which is given a dull coloration to denote the nature of its life, is just hiding behind the bright orange glasses that distort the reality and give an illusion of something interesting. Hiding behind the illusion the figure is blissfully unaware of the reality it is hiding from. The chicken gives an impression that it will probably never find anything real in life. While disillusioning himself he will never notice his real unique points, like his wide waddle, that may have le him be something special without any tricks.


  1. I want to see some more with this chicken. Maybe a serial! He seems so intense.

    And you're dead-on right about the wattle!

  2. Maybe a serial. If I think of anything he could serial into.

  3. those glasses are so popular these days... like the new background btw.