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Chicken Maker
January 16, 2010

Shades McCoolguy III: Red Salvation

The conclusion of the arbitrarily decided Shades McCoolguy trilogy. I decided it should be a Trilogy when the second one wasn't lambasted. Now, initially the final part, Red Salvation, was going to simply be a red recolor of the original, but I decided that was dull. The third and final part of Shades McCoolguy is instead a red recolor, with edits to make him look more badass. I'm pretty sure I edited everything besides the beak so it probably would have been easier to make a brand new chicken but I think that would ruin the three of them as a series. Now for the final part of Shade's tale:

After taking down the Colonel Shades was lost in the world. PETA wasn't willing to take him back after what he'd done. He had crossed the line. He was more than willing to admit that. He knew there was no coming back after what he'd done. He wasn't going to do something as foolhardy as that again but he still had nothing to do. Eventually the Herbs and Spices caught up with him while he was just exhausted in his coop. He was struck hard and his face scarred with three slashes. He had known those guys were still around. He should have gone to take them out immediately but...
He had been stuck in a loop of failure. After getting beaten up and left to die Shades got up and slipped on his shades. He walked right in on their operations and took them down. They may have ruffled his feathers a bit but he certainly wasn't going to lay down without a fight. The Seven were easily taken down after having tricked him with their bribery and tricks. It was a violent fight, but with it over Shades McCoolguy had escaped his spiral of doubt. He had stopped the Colonel and his gang once and for all. They would never trick another kid like him into doubting his own. He strode into the sunset, confident that everything would work out.


And with that I have finished Shades McCoolguy. I think it was a pretty good story when it's all put together. I, like most people, dislike PETA but they made a good group for the purposes of this.


  1. i still dont know how you do it. haha...

    thx for the comment, again... hope you come back by to vote again!

  2. Love Shades McCoolguy! If he ever fancies coming out of retirement as a guest on my blog, he would be more than welcome...

  3. Wow, what a story ^_^

  4. Go shades McCoolguy!

  5. makes me sad.................almost