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Chicken Maker
January 19, 2010

Space Chicken

Well, for this particular piece I used my expansive knowledge of bad scifi movies to determine that the obvious form that a space chicken would take is a chicken... but neon green. You can paint just about anything green and it instantly becomes a SPACE . So, as I was saying. This is a Space Chicken from the planet Chi Kappa San Kappa 7.

Also since I assume most people don't know that looks something like this "χκϻκ,7"  which really ruins the effect since the Chi looks like an X. (it was so close to being ChicKen MaKer) Of course that M is pronounced as S anyways so it doesn't really make any difference.

1 comment:

  1. Oh yeah? What about SPACE BROCCOLI?


    Ok, you do indeed have a point. That shit is from space.