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Chicken Maker
January 30, 2010

Windows Whiner

I recently took a look at a picture that the author claimed was made in paint. I stared at it for a moment then declared the creator a traitor and a liar.(sorry Allie.) I then considered that I could be wrong and stupid. It was simply that the Windows 7 version changed some stuff up and had new features. I'm going to be straight with you... I am very angry that Microsoft keeps messing up their simple software. I tried to have some brand loyalty going on but No. I quite liked Internet Explorer until it got tabs and now they're making Paint into just another graphic program instead of THE simple one. I mean really. Is that sort of thing necessary at all. I mean maybe my personal preference is the stupid one(I mean I'm willing to admit that it has some things that I like in it, like defaulting to PNG when you save) but I liked having my basic program. Oh well. I wonder if the copy of paint I keep on my pen drive will run whenever I have to get Windows 7. I don't care for that either you know. I mean they brag about things that aren't good. Well, I did piss with a friends until it looked like my favorite windows so at least the aesthetic won't be too horrible. I liked 98, you see. It didn't try to mess with me. I'm using Vista now, which reminds me this one removed the old palette on the bottom so I guess I should have seen this coming. And now I realized I've been rambling about Windows Versions and the such when I don't even have a chicken to go with it. Maybe I should have done this to coincide with TRON Chicken. Well, I'll just put together a nice windows chicken.

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