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Chicken Maker
January 20, 2010

Comment Response

Well, I figured that I ought to respond to every comment I have received up until this point all at once since I do appreciate the ones I get and I don't have very many up until this point. So, with that said I'll be starting with the comments to my first posts and moving up to the present.
 Oh, and the above chicken is shocked to find that this site gets comments. Due to the rather massive nature of this I'll be using a read more

Manga, man! It's called manga.

Your chicken man is chickenlicious, by the way. Love it!

Nonsense. They're called Japanese Comics because they're Comics from Japan. And thank you.

From Basket Chicken
khiohsfsiadjin w00t!

You're welcome.

From Consumerism
 You got yourself your first subscriber.

 I know you so you don't count.

From Run
This one make me think of Quantom leap. i duno why.

I agree

From Devil Flower
I know I already commented, but good God, you crack me up!

Thank you very much.

From  Chicken in Two Clicks
Your blog is very interesting! Made me smile :)

Yay! Happy Smile fun Times, yeah? 

From Tired Frank
Every time I open your page, I laugh. It never gets old! It is so unspeakably awesome that you have an entire blog devoted to computer chicken drawings!

Someone who appreciates this blog's inner awesome.

From Dual Chicken - Part 2
Detective Martin's commentary wins the No-Prize! Artfully, delightfully meatily meta.

This stuff is too choice, sir!

This is one of those retrospective type comments. Glad you liked the fact that I had him point out what was wrong with it.

This post has been removed by the author.
What a Jerk

But I like explanations...
Original blog. Insane, but rather good.

Oh, there you you are. I am not insane in the slightest! Well, no more than normal people anyways.

From Pirate, Ninja, Cowboy
Kaloo; I have a business venture I would like to propose to you. It seems that we are both MS paint artists. How would you feel about having paint wars on my blog? Basically, you draw something that you think is invincible and I draw something that I think is invincible and then we put the pictures side-by-side and let them battle. Readers vote on who wins. The character that wins is redrawn in a new battle stance for the next challenge. Does this sound like fun? Please say it sounds like fun because I have a whole bunch of invincible paint creatures waiting to battle your chickens. 

I'm glad I agreed to this stupid idea.

From I Won't Turn Down a Challenge!
Kaloo, I am heading out for a run right now. When I return, it's battle-time!
Oh, it's the stupid idea I agreed to. 

i'll go for the
Good Man!

From Wallpaper
fantastic work my friend

 When did this comment show up? I had failed to notice it until now. At any rate will do my friend!

From Chicker-Robo

John, you never cease to amaze me.
Shush. The internet's going to spell my name wrong if you keep that up. It's just Jon.

From Now Taking Requests: Out of Ideas
How about chicken recipes?^^ 

Kinda ruins the point, which is that there isn't one. Can't be having useful things on here. Well, maybe occasionally if I can figure out an entertaining way to do it. 

Kinda ruins the point, which is that there isn't one. Can't be having useful things on here. Well, maybe occasionally if I can figure out an entertaining way to do it. 
Shush you.

How about a Zombie Chicken?

 I dun did it! *salute*

From Contrast Focus
Kaloo, I just love all the back-stories behind your chickens! They are all so mysterious and exquisitely detailed!
Glad to hear it. I like making them up myself.

From CM Paint

Are you talking about Carlston?

And DID you lose? I think you should go back and re-tally the votes, Kaloo. You got quite a few late-comer votes. One guy even wrote a post-length comment breaking down the finer points of each contestant and kung fu chicken came out on top.

That is, unless you are talking about some other girl who challenged ou to an MS-Paint-off. Are you challenging other girls, Kaloo?

If so, I will MS Paint you a new a**hole. Yes, I just used that as a verb and I don't care. I'm rather emotional which is a state that causes me to confuse adjective/noun/trademark combos with verbs.

This is a long comment. On a very old post. I'm such a loser.



I was talking about you(Don't hurt me) and him and I read this reply ages ago. You aren't a loser at all. I am impressed my your using MS Paint as a verb that apparently means something other than to draw using MS Paint. Also I am shocked if I potentially won, but I suppose in fashion sense I was the clear winner...

From Dual Chicken - Part 3
I don't understand, where there two chickens? Was one destroyed? Was half of Dual Chicken's nature destroyed? Unlikely, since I've already seen part 4! The beast in the mirror, hm.

Panel 9 down is an essay on composition.

 That was just a second evil mutant chicken. And I have no idea what that last lines means, at all.

From Chicken Y/N
I would say "chig" which kind of sounds like a venereal disease, so maybe I'd say "picken" which sounds less like a venereal disease but still kind of sounds like a venereal disease. Basically, there is no way to combine the word "chicken" with the word "pig" without it sounding like a pubic louse. "Chipigen"? Still sounds like a pubic louse.

You're right. Let's just call it a chicken.

Told You. 

 From A.
Being that I have synesthesia (I perceive letters to be inherently colored) this disturbs me a great deal.. It should be red!!!

I like the chicken though :) I always like the chickens.

Sorry Allie... *kicks can*

From B.
Oh, Kaloo... the B should be green and the C should be reddish brown. My brain is going to explode!
See above. but I refuse to accept that C is supposed to be reddish brown. I am absolutely sure that the first three are red green and blue.

From Ancient
i think this is just right.
That's good because raptors are hard to draw.

From  Chaser
I believe one can also see a look of confusion or perhaps even pain on the demon's face.
 He doesn't know why his beloved chicken is running away

Homemaker Man - you're right! Kaloo, you are the most under-appreciated artist ever. Someday you will receive due recognition for this selfless talent of yours.
 That would sure be something, wouldn't it?

From Book Read
Nice post - chicken wallpaper ..Keep Posting
chicken wallpaper - 1024×768

Nice ad, but I specifically request fully proper grammar unless you're pro-this site. That search didn't even give me a chicken wallpaper >.>

From Devious Monster
I like this one. I *feel* this one. It's as if he sees inside of me. It's like he's measuring my worth as a man with his intense chicken stare.

Somehow, after looking at this picture...nay, after being looked at by this picture, I feel like less of a man than I was before.

This picture only lacks the essence of its onlookers. And that void, I suspect, will never be filled. This chicken has looked inside of me, but I've looked back - and I know he will never by satisfied until we all feel like fragile little boys and girls inside.

 Yes yes. you understand perfectly.

From Squares, yeah
I think I get it. But somehow I feel like you're not being square with me, man.
Glad to see a nice pun.

From  Shades McCoolguy
I'm loving Shades! He is like the John McClane of the chicken world!
Yes, yes he is.

From Minor in Style
This one kind of reminds me of Rhode Island Red from the old Foghorn Leghorn cartoons.

Just sayin.

 I don't think you've seen any of those cartoon's lately. He had no more than a passing similarity in color.

From Grid Chicken
you have received an award from me. on my blog. feel very special. use it wisely.
Hurray!! Seriously didn't notice this until like a week ago.

From Chik-Cell Battery

 Why have I not found you before. Oh you are the nugget of my eye.
That's a little creepy to be honest but I'm cool with you.

From Text-On
Bwah ha ha!

 From Naked Chick
Now I'm blushing!
Sensible reaction.

From Rudolf?
i am still amazed at how you keep coming up with these... way more creative than i.
Yeah, but you ramble about nothing every single day. I take days off every so often.

From Chicken Back in Black
 i thought for a second this was going to be the tiger woods chicken... speaking of which, come by my blog (i know you are a supporter) lol, i'm in a little bit of a competition with some other blogs.

basically check out my newest post, click one of the links and vote for me. if you get the chance, thanks and keep up the chickenating.

I should make a Tiger Woods chicken... And seriously I vote for you without the prompting. Hope you make it to the next round.

From Shades McCoolguy: Blue Redemption
very cool.
He sure is. He sure is.

From Bear with me
He is pretty fierce, now that you mention it.

From Lens Free
 ...but...there must be something in the left lens (chicken's left, our right)? Because it's occluding the beak-face boundary line.
drat! You're right. What a childish mistake, like a 7 legged spider.

drat! You're right. What a childish mistake, like a 7 legged spider.

Dude, shut up. 

I thought it was a cunningly realistic depiction of a chicken wearing one-lensed glasses! 
At least I've got that going for me.

he looks very smart.

 he does look mighty clever now that you toss it out there.

FromThis is George
i have seen george before. truly has no shame.
What a clever fellow you are.

FromShades McCoolguy: Red Salvation
 i still dont know how you do it. haha... 
thx for the comment, again... hope you come back by to vote again!
I appreciate your dumbstruck fascination  

Love Shades McCoolguy! If he ever fancies coming out of retirement as a guest on my blog, he would be more than welcome...

 Perhaps at some point I'll take you up on that. 

From Dual Chicken - Part 4
What the hell!!!!! This is EPIC!

I want to play the video game adapted from the big budget blockbuster film of this, while submitting a spec sample draft of the novelization to the rights holders!

Holy chicken whiskers, that bird means aggro-business.

Man, I went back and read the whole thing, it is more cinematic and more game-etic than I'd even at first glance supposed!

Nice work, Chicken Maker!

I really, really wish there could be a video game with just this concept, and just these graphics.


Hurray! Someone likes my personal project. I agree it is quite game-etic(I like that term)

From Space Chicken
Oh yeah? What about SPACE BROCCOLI?
Ok, you do indeed have a point. That shit is from space.

It gets more neon

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