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Chicken Maker
January 28, 2010


Sometimes it seems that someone tried to do too much at once and in the end came out with something that sort of made sense. This piece, Overwhelmed, is a good example of that. There are several distinct elements. Starting from the most obvious it includes, the double outlines, the sprayed in coloration lined up with one of them, a distinct background(green), and the question mark that is shifted slightly to the side. It just feels like there's too much going on.

Also I have no idea when I made this... It looks like one of mine though so...


  1. This is great. I'd say that not only is this not too much going on, the overall effect to me is so bold and cogent that it functions on much the same level as a bold and stylized corporate logo. Just as strong and graphically resonant as that, but with a vibrating aesthetic rather than a static one.

    This design could easily replace the Kellogg's Corn Flakes chicken on every box nationwide. In fact, it would serve the purpose even better than that classic and iconic clucker: the question mark quavers out what we all kind of subliminally would like to know: "What have Corn Flakes to do with a chicken?"

  2. This is really cool. You should totally frame this. Or actually any of them. I love chickens!! You ROCK!! :)