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Chicken Maker
January 19, 2010

New Banner

 This is just the new banner. I figured I ought to post it here along with the other graphics I've made for this new set of decorations. I mean I wouldn't want to just go off and throw out perfectly good chickens come the next time I decide I'm bored of the way the site looks. I mean I posted the last one back whenever I did it so why not.

Now, on to the my nice old fashion over analysis of it. The 'Chicken Maker' on top shows a heavy dissonance from the rather subdued style of the banner. The overlapping "It's about Passion!" statements show that it's about passion, if you understand. It also shows the contrasting natures that Passion can still be used while taking it in a different direction, contrasting the black and white and both of those from the freehand title. The chicken and it's white outline shadow are there mostly to show what the site is about while still keeping in tune with the rather muted purple style The fade-out on the bottom allows it to maintain the flow between it and the rest of the world without creating artificial boundaries

And lastly if you would like to say anything about the current site design please do.

1 comment:

  1. OK Chicken Maker, I love you and your amazing blog. Your chickens are all unique and incredible. You will be the best chicken artist in the world if you keep this up.

    Chickens rule, especially these!

    L O V E I T!