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Chicken Maker
January 07, 2010

Shades McCoolguy: Blue Redemption

Okay, now... normally I wouldn't release some recolor-edit like this but I think it looks smooth, and more importantly it's a good excuse to continue the tale of Shades McCoolguy. Now, when we last left him he was selling out his brothers to the Colonel. And now we pick up from there.

Shades is starting to see how he might have made some bad calls. His fellow chickens were doomed to an eternal torment if he just left them in that man's clutches. They would be fried before there was anything he could do about it. That's why he had to jump to action. When the colonel started his plans to fry up the stupid kids Shades had lured in he had no choice but to save them. They didn't know. They had trusted him and he let them down... Shades acted on instinct, guts, and justice. He took down the colonel and saved those kids. They didn't know what to say, but Shades just walked away like he hadn't done anything special. He was a bit ashamed of himself for ever having fallen in with the 7 secret herbs and spices... He hadn't even done anything about them... He would have to go back in and stop them before they corrupted another hero into being as foolish as him.