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Chicken Maker
January 27, 2010

TRON Chicken

Well, while I made this I realized two things. first off... I haven't seen TRON since I was like 6. I wanna see it again now but if I did it would probably ruin my nostalgia so I'm not sure if I should or not. Now, this wouldn't normally matter much but I did the lines on black before I did a Google search and by that point I was like, "eh..." That's what it's like in the sequel(that's supposed to be coming out at the end of 2010) anyways. I had to go with Magenta since Blue's the hero, Red's evil, Green was in Tron 2.0(the game) and Magenta seems like the next neon color, though that might have been better as yellow instead. My light cycle was more or less a custom job. It's kinda a cross between the original and new versions, since I wanted that laser windshield. Took me a few tries to get his glowing lines right but I like the end result. Oh, right. The second thing I realized is that there's a new Tron coming out at the end of the year.

So, dude looks ready to take on the evil red computer, yeah?


  1. I totally agree. Tron chicken merchandizing should begin soon.

  2. The MCP's in for one heck of a pecking!

  3. Thanks for the encouraging words guys. Just the sort of thing I was hoping to hear for this one.

  4. i was just going through some of your older posts thinking 'he should do a Tron chicken!'. so now i must comment because that is genius. how lame am i?


  6. Hilarious. Doesn't get better than that. Please don't stop drawing chickens. Oh, and will you draw me a chicken? Email it to if you accept this invitation. LOL.

    Did I mention I love your chickens?

    Did you know I own chickens? I love them!

    Amelia Rice