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Chicken Maker
December 22, 2011

Looking Fowl: Eye of Weakness

There was a chicken with a Looking Eye, the Eye of Weakness. Once ones eyes met them they could never look away and all strength in their body would simply drain away. They were at the mercy of the fowl or any passer-by who might avert the bird's eyes.

A guard passing through the woods can find many things, as this one did today. A hen was roosting int he middle of the path. Normally he'd pay it no mind. Step around it or kick it aside, but today the man lowered himself down to move the bird out of the way. He was truly a generous sort on this occasion.

Unfortunately for him this bird was not sitting there randomly. The guard had fallen into a thief's foul trap. As he grasped the bird it's eyes opened and the guard collapsed, his eyes locked on the bird. Mere moments later a man took the bird from his feeble grip. Soon this man would have all of the guards things, and the guard would draw his last breath.

But, a small mercy saved the guard. The bird turned it's head and met the eyes of the thief. As the hen looked away from the guard his strength flooded back, and the thief quickly collapsed. The guard's boot brought an early end to the thief's career, crushing his hand. Uncertainly he lifted the bird under one arm, and took the thief in the other.

On that day the bird was a hero who had helped with catching the thief.

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