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Chicken Maker
December 18, 2011

Chi Ken

The energy of the sword swells up where the blade was planted into the ground, forcing away any unworthy soul who would dare to grasp it. The blade never left its owners hand until the man grew too old to fight, even with his mighty blade. But someday one would dare to grasp it, and if he was worthy he would draw the blade out from the earth it laid in and create a new legend.

And check out that Gratuitous Japanese title. I mean. The bad pun was the whole point really. Cause you know Chi is like inner energy or whatever. And Ken is Japanese for Sword. And together it looks like Chicken. Anyways that's not really an at all correct way to write that. I mean even doing just word for word that's backwards cause I wanted to say the sword energy, not the energy sword. Anyways. This is just a bad pun and you like those.

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