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Chicken Maker
December 22, 2011

These Potential Chickens Died On Your Farmer's Face Last night by MercuryCrest

Sorry, couldn't resist the tagline.
I haven't used MS Paint in 15 years, but this blog has inspired me.
The attached is my version of "SuperChicken"...mainly because I eat them constantly....

Yes. eggs are indeed potential chickens. interesting use of colors, though it is rather inconsistent. I mean brown is the outline of the white, but black is the outline of the yellow. Of course you saved it in Bitmap which is lossless(which is good) but bad for the internet(which is why I resaved it in PNG) Also this picture was pointlessly large in resolution and surrounded by more white space than I like to see.

No real problems with it, though I don't care for large single pixel outlines.

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