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Chicken Maker
June 12, 2011

Talk to Me!

Hmm... Nobody talks to me lately. It makes me feel lonely. Even my email hasn't been getting as much spam of late. Maybe one or two in Chinese, but not even a "I love you. Email me back and I'll send pics :)" or a "I am an African Prince and require you help to move my vast fortunes" I thought you guys hated me. But then I realized...

You have all been captured by the forces of evil and have had your mouths taped shut. That is the only logical explanation for why none of you have typed a message to me recently. Don't worry though... I WILL SAVE YOU! I mean you're obviously in danger and I'm mostly just a guy who doodles online. Obviously I should come in guns blazing... Though I don't know where you or the forces of evil live... And I don't think a gun is needed to beat tape...


  1. Maybe you could try writing short stories about the chickens you draw, their lives/adventures/origin and stuff.

    Chicken novel...itas!

    Wow, that sounds like a food.

  2. I love your chickens, Mr Chicken Maker

  3. Aww...I'm sorry I haven't commented much lately :-( I'm a bad follower!

    I think the 8 in an hour challenge totally intimidated me!

  4. Woah... how did I miss the 8 hour challenge? Obviously I haven't been on Blogger lately. :)