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Chicken Maker
September 22, 2009


Buddhist Monk type guy! He used to be a jerk, but after breaking his beak he became a better person and found some religion. In some Fridge Logic he might have picked the wrong one since Buddhism's big in India where they don't eat beef but...  I did the comb all short to the head since Buddhist monks shave their heads, though that has some unfortunate implications, what with it being like asking you to shave your fingers short.

This new Blogger Post Editor has some nice features but also seemed to like to mess with me. I can't figure out how to get the text going right alongside the picture, though I know I can since I switched it last time.  Also now that I can filter down my sidebar thing to only some tags I think I'll start adding some extra ones that are only relevant to the specific post since I don't have to factor them all into my sorting scheme anymore.

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