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Chicken Maker
September 09, 2009

Head 2 Head

Yeah I figured this fight ought to be front and center. It's a standard sort of Head to Head Fighter screen that I don't think I've ever actually seen in a head to head fighter. I'm sure this is the way a generic one should be though. Now, I'm gonna be straight here. I almost made this two separate releases, because I'm lazy, but this is better.

Fighter number Left! He's a soldier in camo with a bunch of grenades and some eye black. Looks ready to kick your ass anyways... I call him G. I. Chicken, because it's the first crappy name to come to mind, well second. The first was Chicken Joe, but I feel like that should be a boxer for some reason.
Next up, on the Blue team, we have a cyborg chicken, which is totally different from the other one of those I made. His comb is gold, as is that bit on his face and the thing about his glowing green, which can probably shoot a laser. Then I stuck some mixed and matched puzzle piece metal plates all about him and called him good. And he is, of course, Mecha-Chicken, like in the Godzilla.

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